Sunday, July 17, 2016

Just Peachy

I havent made anything in a while that was larger than the pendants Ive been making... until today : ) I have been pondering some new design ideas and this morning while having my coffee and staring at the peaches on the counter that I wish would hurry and ripen - I got inspired to make a bowl.  I love good ole southern peaches.  Peaches deserve their own bowl and not to be left laying out on a boring counter!

He started out as a flat rolled chunk of clay:

I handpainted the peach designs using my favorite Speedball Underglazes and the turquoise background.  The bowl is a slab I rolled out of my favorite clay, Speckled Brownstone.  It give such a nice rustic look to anything.  Here he is after I formed him into the bowl he was destined to become:

I have a lot more ideas swimming in my head and about to make several more of these guys ; )

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wanderlust temporarily fulfilled by Camping

I suffer a great wanderlust!  I must go! Into the woods, around the world, somewhere quiet, somewhere beautiful, somewhere under appreciated... I just want to GO!

I use these quiet times, far from home (or not so far, but well hidden) as a time to reflect on life and slow down a little.  These are the times I gain more inspiration for my pottery.  I wonder what Ill bring back in my head, after our little upcoming trip into the forest, that I will incorporate into my pottery... we shall see....

Im also hoping this little camping trip will help fulfill some of my strong wandering urges for a little while : )  Im so excited!  I can hardly wait to eat while we are out in the woods.  Its like everything just tastes better cooked over a fire in the middle of the woods.... ahhh, Im so there already! (in my mind anyway)

Here is a little Etsy Treasury that was inspired by our upcoming trip.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stop and Smell the Roses

I am blessed to live in a beautiful area.  Sometimes we move too fast and dont always stop to appreciate things like we really should.

A few years before my daddy passed away he told me 'You need to stop and smell the roses'.  Ive heard that saying most of my life but even then when he told me that, I wasnt really sure just what it meant.  Its something you cant really describe. You can simplify it by saying 'you need to slow down and enjoy the little things' but still until you reach deep inside will you really understand its true meaning.

I wish he were here now, because finally, I really, truly understand what he meant.  Im sure he knew that one day I would.  During the time in my life he told me that I was in such a run to do things and go places and be successful in my career that I didnt 'hear' what he was saying.  But it stuck.  And a few years after I lost him, I started to reevaluate life and took time to reflect on a lot on things he had tried to teach me.

Ive always been a dreamer but somewhere along the way of being an adult, I lost something very precious and I forgot about the little things.  When I was a kid and stopped to investigate every little bug, snake, frog, moth, or whatever I could find.  I would stare at a butterflies wings for what seemed like 'ages' and become so fascinated with how beautiful and intricately patterned it was.  I realize now that what I was doing then was appreciating the little things.  I was stopping to smell the roses.

I finally got 'life' back and now I see everything more clearly.  I am more at peace and much happier.  My anxiety and depression dissipated. I became ME.

Days like today remind me to slow down a bit.

Here is a little place we stopped off at on our way through around the Ocoee River to check out our campsite - it is where we stopped to 'smell the roses'.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Clay in the Garden "Barn Owl"

I have little 'visitors' to my garden.  Sure, they are cute, but they are also thieves! We have adorable little bunnies (who will eat the fresh tender green tops out of anything), squirrels (who steal my tomatoes and head up a tree with them), a raccoon (who breaks young corn stalks with his weight), and surprisingly, although we live in town... deer tracks...

Now, I dont know about you, but where I come from, we didnt take too kindly to thieves.  I cant seem to catch them in the 'act' to run them off and am not sure it would work anyway.  We do have a pair of beautiful red tailed hawks who have been raising young in a tree just across the street for the past couple years - these guys are probably helping tremendously, but we still have issues.  I cant do much about a couple of the critters, but I can attempt to intimidate the smaller ones by sitting a predator at my gardens edge.  Im going to give it a try and am in the process of making....

The Barn Owl

He doesnt look just like the picture I used to go by, but once he is painted, he should appear pretty realistic.

Wish me luck in the garden this year!

If he doesnt do the job then he has a nice place in my dining room he can hang from ; )